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Keep your car and yourself safe

Choose the security system that is right for you from our massive array of Viper Security options. From basic car alarms to remote starters that integrate with your smart phone and let you control your car from anywhere on the planet, we have a solution that is right for you.

Comfort and security options

- 6-tone siren and/or horn honk capabilities

- ignition kill switch

- digital dual zone shock sensor

- 2 remotes with keyless entry

- bright LED indicator light

- digital tilt sensor to protect your rims (optional)

- motion sensor for that Jeep or soft top convertible (optional)

- microphone sensor that listens for shattered glass

- SmartStart integration for iPhone or Android (optional)


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The right security system will keep your car safe, and allow you to track it down after it has been stolen. You can even use it to keep tabs on your teenage driver.

Now is the right time to invest in your safety, before it's too late.

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Keep yourself safe from UV radiation and protect the interior of your car when you install Viper Window Tint or American Standard Window Film from Brother Audio Sound.

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